terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

Name: Daniella Greco

Telephone: 9601-7180


Daniella is an attendant of the Reservations Center at Cama e Café, the first bed and breakfast network in Brazil.

She is currently studying tourism and hospitality at the UniverCidade and is in the last semester, due to graduate in March 2008. She has worked in tourism for 14 years, and was at flight attendant for Transbrasil for eight years. She has traveled to 86 destination in Brazil and abroad, has worked in hotels, travel agencies and cultural exchanges. She lived in Paris for five months where she completed a module in the “Cordon Bleu” culinary school as the “Chef de Gardie”. She also lived in London for eight months improving her English and her expanding upon her international experience.

My Mission at MORRIHNO:

To show that tourism is a very important tool for reducing social inequalities, and is a source of employment and income for the Perierão community and for the present and future generations, as a way of planning and organizing, working with local sustainable development, today and always.

My Responsibility:

Establish and coordinate the reservations and operations center for “Tourism at Morrinho” in the Pereirão community with quality and synergy. Tourism at Morrinho is a project of enormous touristic potential and with connections to naturalentrepreneurism!

Name: João Vergara
Telefone: 9604-6402
E-mail: vergara@camaecafe.com.br
MSN: joao_vergara@hotmail.com

João is manager of projects for the Cama e Café network, the first bed and breakfast network in Brazil. He is also the director of the Business Network of Santa Teresa, which connects the small establishments of the neighborhood. He has a master’s degree in administration of cultural arts and social projects from FGV.

My Mission at MORRINHO:

To support the development of a healthy business undertaking that generates profits for all of those involved and promotes the best-fit environment for the current and future generations of the Pereirão community.

My Responsibility:

To plan, coordinate and evaluate the actions implementing the “Tourism at Morrinho” project so as to guarantee autonomy and continuity of the business during and after its implementation.


O projeto Turismo no Morrinho reúne esforços, recursos, consultores e voluntários para apoiar o desenvolvimento de jovens empreendedores da comunidade do Pereirão, em Laranjeiras, com foco na criação de seu empreendimento turístico cujo objeto central é a visita à iniciativa cultural ali localizado e que já possui projeção internacional.


The project Tourism at Morrinho joins efforts, resources, consultants and volunteers in order to support the development of the young entrepreneurs of the Pereirão community in Laranjeiras. We focus on creating a touristic undertaking with the central objectives of local visits and cultural initiatives, but with and international presence.