terça-feira, 24 de julho de 2007

Name: João Vergara
Telefone: 9604-6402
E-mail: vergara@camaecafe.com.br
MSN: joao_vergara@hotmail.com

João is manager of projects for the Cama e Café network, the first bed and breakfast network in Brazil. He is also the director of the Business Network of Santa Teresa, which connects the small establishments of the neighborhood. He has a master’s degree in administration of cultural arts and social projects from FGV.

My Mission at MORRINHO:

To support the development of a healthy business undertaking that generates profits for all of those involved and promotes the best-fit environment for the current and future generations of the Pereirão community.

My Responsibility:

To plan, coordinate and evaluate the actions implementing the “Tourism at Morrinho” project so as to guarantee autonomy and continuity of the business during and after its implementation.

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